Top Countries to Start a Small Business (Part II)

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom ranks high in place to start a business. Based on the World Bank report, the low costs related with setting up a business there, linked with improved levels of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have added to the high ranking. Based on the report, over 85% of Brits feel that working hard can get you ahead in life. Business […]

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The Benefits of Hiring Non-Native Employees

There’s a theory that the biggest challenge with hiring non-native English speakers is communication. Managers fear misinterpretations and missed cultural cues that could […]

Ways You Can Spend Your Company’s Tax Savings

In answer to the lower corporate tax rate that the new tax bill brings, a number of big US corporations have already stated how they plan to put their savings to […]

Having a Business Partner: What You Need to Know

You’ve come up with a solid idea for a business. You’re about to make the worst ever mistake as you begin the business. You’re about to bring on a business partner.
Maybe […]

You’re Never Too Old to Start Your Own Business

Here are my hard-knock lessons, which can be used by any entrepreneur and go across all industries when you want to start your own business.
Seek out investors who know […]

Why Storefront Businesses Will Always Be Successful

The advantages of owning or leasing a physical storefront can lead to an increase in loyal customers and even increase sales.
Technology has made it so you can begin a new […]

How to Move Forward When Your Idea for Your New Business

After years in the finance industry, Ryan Harwood knew he needed to change his life and go into work with a smile on his face once again. He also knew he wanted to have his […]

Have You Thought About Working Abroad?

Here are some reasons why working abroad can be a good choice, particularly if you’re at the beginning of your career.
You Will Learn to Be Adaptable
Every country has […]

How to Be More Effective

No matter what your job position, we all want to learn how to be effective at work and accomplish our professional objectives. Real productivity is more than just checking […]

Expenses Successful Folks Don’t Waste Their Time On

Folks have struck it rich by establishing social media startups, encouraging highly successful crowdfunding
campaigns and penning wizard-themed best-selling books. But, […]

The Advantages of Hiring Older Employees

Searching for dedicated, focused, loyal, dedicated employees? Your search is over.
Employees. They’re the one aspect that companies all over have a need for. And not just […]