Top Countries to Start a Small Business (Part II)

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom ranks high in place to start a business. Based on the World Bank report, the low costs related with setting up a business there, linked with improved levels of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have added to the high ranking. Based on the report, over 85% of Brits feel that working hard can get you ahead in life. Business […]

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High Security Blackphone Available in US

High Security Blackphone Available in US
Blackphone 2, the successor to the Blackphone, is on sale currently in the United States. The gadget, which was first introduced […]

Are You Ready for the iCar?

There are rumors that Apple is getting into the automotive industry, and these rumors have been around for some time. Moreover, there is talk that by 2019, there will be a car […]

Google Phone: A Major Contender?

Google Phone: A Major Contender?
Google’s Cell Service Could possibly Be a Significant Competitor
Around 2 years ago, Google started working with Task Fi, its own […]