Apps Your Employees Should Be Using

Smartphones can really be a huge distraction. With social media, texting, and games, just a touch away, it’s simple to

Technology at work

fall into a trap. Luckily, there are several smartphone apps intended to up your productivity every day. Instead of distracting you, these smart apps will increase your productivity and get you back on track.


Messaging programs are usually lacking when it comes to teaming up on projects. Plus, they pose the jeopardy of distracting you with messages from family and friends. Slack, on the other hand, makes it simple to have group chats with collaborators and co-workers.

Also, the notifications are non-disturbing so you can stay on point when you’re in the zone.


Don’t let a deadline creep up on you back ever.

The Due app lets you set reminders so that you’ll have lots of time to finish project by the due date. Instead of messing with your phone’s alarm, which can be a hassle, Due simplifies the reminder process and gives you a good prod to get your work completed.

Team Viz

If time easily slips away from you, try Team Viz.

This app lets you systematize your many to-do lists and rank specific tasks. The app’s innovative tracking tool lets you even time yourself as you finish every task. It also has breaks so you get some relaxation between productive spurts. (formerly Lift App)

The Lift app is good for those who want to increase productivity in every facet of their life.

While most productivity apps are focused on school or work, Lift can be used for anything from lifestyle goals to exercise & diet. Viewing your progress with data reports keeps you encouraged plus community guidance and coaching helps to get rid of any of your procrastination.

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