Are You Ready for the iCar?

There are rumors that Apple is getting into the automotive industry, and these rumors have been around for some time. Moreover, there is talk that by 2019, there will be a car from the tech giant. As everyone knows, when it comes to Apple, we won’t know for sure until the car is being driven across a stage. Even so, there are hints that an iCar is on its way.

Up-to-Date Report

One of the most reliable newspapers in the world, The Wall Street Journal, reports that Apple is supposedly working on putting a car in the auto industry within three years. This is aspiring, but if any company can do it, it is Apple. To further support this rumor, reports indicate that the company has increased its automotive sector from 600 to 1,800.

Crafting an automobile from concept to completion takes skill and knowledge. This is why it is said that Apple has been recruiting top employees from some of best names in the auto technology industry, such as A123 Systems, to join their business. In addition, Apple has been reported to have persuaded specialists from Samsung, LG Chem, and Panasonic to fill positions in their company.

Electric and Self-Driving

If true, the iCar will most likely be electric and self-driving. To support this information, Apple has been hiring specialists from battery makers, as well as experts from Tesla’s self-driving program, as well as Ford and BMW. To keep the rumor going, it is said that individuals from the legal department at Apple met with the California Department of Motor Vehicle, including its self-driving department.

Reports say that Apple’s electric car project is using the testing ground at GoMentum Station, a California-based company that provides expert knowledge on everything from self-driving cars to mapping technology. This innovative business is situated on an old navy base with 2,100 acres of driving pavement. To keep all information, cameras, and videos out of the press, this facility has its own armed guards.




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