Best Cities to Start a Business

In business, like in real estate, it’s all got to do with location, location, location. Regardless of the increase in remote-

Downtown Oklahoma City

work positions, this fact is correct even if you don’t have a brick and mortar store. The city in which you establish your headquarters can affect your hiring capabilities, as well as the investors and business partners you have readily access to.

Looking to launch your new venture in a business-friendly atmosphere? If you’re lucky enough to live nearby one of the following cities, you’re lucky. If not, think about whether a move will bring your business the best chances possible of thriving.

Oklahoma City

Mix a strong small-business-lending setting and a lower cost of living, and you have a startling startup haven. Apartment Guide has OC on its list of affordable Cities where you can afford a luxury apartment.

Numerous other publications list it as a fast-growing city that’s amazing for recent graduates and among the best for establishing a business. It’s also quite easy to begin a company in Oklahoma City since the paperwork can be completed in a day.

Boulder, CO

It possibly doesn’t surprise you to hear that Boulder has become the spot for tech startups, given the way the University of Colorado and other national research labs located in the city attract talent and funding. Boulder has the top concentration of software engineers per capita in the US. Give it a try if you love year-round sunshine and are the outdoorsy type.


Minneapolis has the 4th highest concentration of small businesses in the US, thanks in no small part to the city’s assortment of financing programs created to help Minneapolis-based businesses. MN possesses a low business-tax rate. The highly-educated labor force is more than 1.5 million people, making it a worthwhile choice for any entrepreneur.

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