Business Brokering

CFS is part of a nationwide network of over 450 affiliates dedicated to the efficient sale or purchase of a business. The process used by BBN has evolved over the years and incorporates the successes learned during that time. The typical value of a business is 500 thousand dollars and up.

Are you sincere about wanting to sell or buy a business? If the answer is yes then you truly need the assistance of a qualified Business Broker. CFS is able to list a business anywhere in the country and present it (to prospective buyers), in person, anywher in the country. This provides the business owner with far more than the local broker can provide. With CFS, business owners have the advantage of the nationwide network. This allows the business owner to concentrate on running the business and allows CFS to concentrate on maximizing value for the owner.

The process is simple. We come out to your business (or somewhere else if appropriate) and talk to you about your business. We are there to learn and provide input. Our interest is to understand your business, in all aspects of how it operates, so that when we market your business to a prospective buyer, we can present you and your interests as efficiently and honestly as possible. We will be at your location to discuss, with you, the culture of your business in order to achieve the greatest value for your company and you.