business basics

Business Basics

Top Countries to Start a Small Business (Part II)

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom ranks high in place to start a business. Based on the World Bank report, the low costs related with setting up a business […]

Top Countries to Start a Small Business (Part I)

Thinking about starting your own business? Don’t know where to get it going? How about establishing your small business in another country?
Property […]

Traits of a Successful CEO

At the top of your company’s C-suite is a formidable person who holds the control of the business. The is the CEO. If you’re in that role, or want to be, […]

Best Cities to Start a Business

In business, like in real estate, it’s all got to do with location, location, location. Regardless of the increase in remote-
work positions, this […]

Traits of a Good Employee

When searching for the right employees to add to your current workforce, remember that though skills are an asset,
they can be taught. With respect to […]

What is the Best Type of Business for Your Start-Up

You’ve decided to start a business. Now you’re asking yourself, “What is the best business to start?”
Retail or Wholesale Type of Business?
Where do you […]

The Benefits of Hiring Non-Native Employees

There’s a theory that the biggest challenge with hiring non-native English speakers is communication. Managers fear misinterpretations and missed cultural […]

Ways You Can Spend Your Company’s Tax Savings

In answer to the lower corporate tax rate that the new tax bill brings, a number of big US corporations have already stated how they plan to put their savings […]

Having a Business Partner: What You Need to Know

You’ve come up with a solid idea for a business. You’re about to make the worst ever mistake as you begin the business. You’re about to bring on a business […]

You’re Never Too Old to Start Your Own Business

Here are my hard-knock lessons, which can be used by any entrepreneur and go across all industries when you want to start your own business.
Seek out […]