fin packaging

Financial Packaging and Repackaging/Workouts

CFS has a strong background in putting together sound and viable financial packages. We have experience in all of the local, state and federal programs available. We can provide assistance in preparing the packages, working with the government agencies and eventually working with the financial institution.

For many financial institutions there are opportunities lost in helping growing, local companies because of the size of the request. Either low lending limits or lack of manpower gets in the way. Our experienced professionals can take that opportunity and turn it into a potential revenue stream. We can assist the financial institution is working with government programs and take advantage of the guaranties or subordinated debt. We can complete the applications, coordinate the financial data, assist in the analysis work and act as an arm of the financial institution. This will allow you to deal directly with your key customers and meet their needs.

A listing of some of those programs are as follows:

REC&D; Loan and Loan Guarantees (fomerly USDA)

HUD Loans and Loan Guarantees

EDA Loans and Loan Guarantees

Similar programs in various states including, WV, OH, KY, TN, VA, PA, IN, NY, NJ, MD

CFS is also experienced in assisting companies who are having trouble with debt and who have overextended themselves. We can do this directly or through a third party such as a financial institution. We will work with the company to determine their specific problems and then provide a plan to allow the company to work towards financial independence. We cannot guareentee that we will always be successful, but our track record is good and we have assisted several companies successfully emerge from bad situations.