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Business Brokers Network

Absolute Webdesigns

Custom web site design and development services providing everything needed to establish and maintain
a successful online presence for ecommerce, organizations, individuals, and more.

The Kinnett Consulting Group

We’re a dedicated team of individuals, who provide site location, strategic planning and community analysis services to both businesses and communities.

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Relationship between Soul and God

What happens when you die? Do we forever cease to exist or is there a part of us that lives on eternaly? Why is there so much suffering and pain in this material world? Are we the only ones in this universe or is there life on other planets as well? Who controls the laws of the universe? offers scientific evidences based on years of research.

education and job resources

Education and job online web-portal. Find out more about Accounting, Benefit, Business, Careers, Companies, Compensation, Consulting, Cover Letters, Dismissal,
Employment, Engineering, Experience, Hiring, Interview, Job, Job Center, Layoff, Management, Mastering, Occupation, Practice, Work, Project, Recruitment, Resume, Salary, Seasonal, Service, Staff, Vocational, Work.

Measurement Converter and Financial Calculator

Online unit conversions, currency exchange, stock profit/loss and salary calculator. Measurement converters include area, bytes, date, time, energy, illuminance, length, mass, power, speed, temperature, and volume.

The Certification Hub – Free IT Certification Study Test Questions

Free Study Test Questions With Detailed Answers For Comptia, Microsoft & Other Certifications, A+, Net+, Linux+, Server+, i-NET+,…, MCSE, MCSA, MCP, NT4, Win2K, XP, 2003..FREE Business Opportunities & Tools.

Profit Inn Training

Profit inn training offers convenient on-line hospitality training in revenue/yield management, reservation agent, distribution sales, and consulting services.

Slang Dictionary for the everyday english language

Slang Dictionary for the everyday english language. Users can add words to the dictionary and editors will review them.