Tools to Increase Productivity (Part I)

Today’s businesses are pushed by collaboration and productivity. But how do you get both in a way that benefits everyone on your team? How do you sidestep the inevitable obstacles like priority management and strategy alignment?

Luckily, the small business community has seen an uptick in collaboration and collaboration. Many of latest online tools have made it simpler for teams to prioritize tasks, delegate responsibilities, and communicate clearly with each other. From there, it’s just a way of finding out which tool is right for your business. Check out these tools for improving efficiency and productivity.


There’s an app for you, your employees, and your company!

With Connecteam, you make your own branded employee app with which to clock in, communicate, and more. This tool is useful for businesses with huge amounts of remote workers who may not like the same in-office advantages that other employees have.

Through your customized app, these remote employees can create and upload files, view work and project lists, see schedules, build informational libraries, and even conduct new position training. The app can be made in just 60 minutes. But, for employees who aren’t used to business apps, there may be a little of a learning curve that need to be fulfilled.


Want 626 hours of time back? Normally, that’s how much time WorkflowMax saves its clients, as well as over $20,000 yearly. This tool is ideal for freelancers and businesses that offer a service and bill based on time. With no effort, employees can track time spent on assorted jobs and be accountable for their work. WorkflowMax lets users create professional, fast quotes for possible clients, then invoice them later on with equally professional-looking forms. Users can even create timelines for special projects and view productivity analytics within the program.

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