Tools to Increase Productivity (Part II)


Regardless how good you are at evading procrastination, you’re likely to come across irresistible articles somewhere on the web while you’re working. But hold up, not clicking on it now doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to see it.

Pocket allows you to save links and useful articles for later with a simple button, which is connected with an extension onto your web browser. Regardless if it’s the link your customers’ website, a file that needs editing, or an infographic you want to share on social media, you can put it in your Pocket.


Cyfe lets you arrange what would otherwise be incomprehensible data. The program works as your business’s data dashboard, where Adwords metrics, keyword rankings, and site visitors success can be accessed altogether.

Pre-built widgets allows you to modify your dashboard to see the information you want to view. With all your info in one place, it’s simple for the whole crew to keep track of the big picture

Trello  (

Some folks use Trello for their high-growth companies and some for their shopping lists. Some use it for both. It’s that good. You set up boards which can be given various different tasks. Those jobs are effortlessly moved around, tagged with other users’ names for assignments, and checked off once done. It’s a streamline to-do list, and it’s ideal for those who prefer to keep track of work the simple way.

1Password  (

Stop using your childhood nickname or mother’s maiden name as your password. It’s reasonable you’re concerned you’ll forget your password. Therefore, you make it real simple. But, you’re inviting hackers and scammers to your virtual doorstep. Instead, create a real complex password and save it with 1Password. This tool gives you peace of mind by storing your passwords securely and auto-putting them in at your preferred sites.

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