Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Business Broker?

The process of selling or buying a business is a complex one. Your job is to maintain your business or investment in the best possible condition and you should have a trained professional giving you and your business or investment dollars the attention needed to make sound and informed decisions. A trained and qualified Broker will save you time and money in removing questions and mistakes in the buying and selling of a business. And we have access to multiple buyers and sellers of business, thus supplying you with a competitive edge.
Our Brokers will provide you with complete CONFIDENTIALITY as you consider buying or selling a business. We do considerable research on every company that we list for sale. Conversely, we require proof of financial capacity of a buyer prior to having any access to a potential company for sale. This ensures that we bring sound companies and real purchasers to the table to create a sale.
Our expertise is more than just listing potential real estate. Our Brokers provide sound marketing and packaging expertise. We provide a detailed company profile that few other brokers (real estate and others) can provide. Our network is nationwide which allows us to access exactly what you are looking for.

How do I know what my business is worth?

The biggest questions an owner will have concerns the value of the business they have spent years growing. Through our affiliation with RWS Inc., we have a mechanism to provide the seller an economic valuation of their business. This valuation will look at all aspects of a business with or without real estate, and provide a detailed and substantial value supported by documentation. What this means is that the seller should be able to receive a true value for their business when it sells.

What can I expect to get out of my business?

There are numerous factors that come into this equation. It will depend on the terms, downpayment and whether there is any owner financing involved. Another factor is the quality and detail of the information available to a prospective buyer concerning the business and third is whether there is competition among potential buyers for the business. A Broker can make sure that all of these factors are addressed and answered. By making sure that all of these factors are included in any business profile, it should generate the highest value for a respective business.

What happens if during the selling process my business continues to appreciate in value?

There are a number of things that can be done to adjust the ultimate value of a business at the closing. During the process we can adjust the listing to reflect the changes in the value. Another is to adjust the amount at closing and create a buyout schedule on the additional value. There are numerous other avenues that can be explored as we go through the process.

Why Do I need a Broker to buy a business?

Maintenance of Confidentiality can be critical to an investor considering the purchase of a business or an asset. The seller will only know of interest in their company until such time as a site visit is arranged. No financial information concerning the buyer will provided to a seller until an offer to purchase is made.
Additionally, our Brokers will save the buyer time and effort by prequalifying a business and its potential worth, meeting the specific needs of the buyer.
We are looking for Buyers that fall into two categories:

*General Business Purchases

*Mergers and Acquisitions