Top Countries to Start a Small Business (Part II)

United Kingdom
The United Kingdom ranks high in place to start a business. Based on the World Bank report, the low costs related with setting up a business there, linked with improved levels of entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have added to the high ranking. Based on the report, over 85% of Brits feel that working hard can get you ahead in life. Business […]

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Top Countries to Start a Small Business (Part I)

Thinking about starting your own business? Don’t know where to get it going? How about establishing your small business in another country?
Property registration, credit […]

Traits of a Successful CEO

At the top of your company’s C-suite is a formidable person who holds the control of the business. The is the CEO. If you’re in that role, or want to be, you will no doubt […]

Best Cities to Start a Business

In business, like in real estate, it’s all got to do with location, location, location. Regardless of the increase in remote-
work positions, this fact is correct […]

Traits of a Good Employee

When searching for the right employees to add to your current workforce, remember that though skills are an asset,
they can be taught. With respect to someone’s basic […]

Apps Your Employees Should Be Using

Smartphones can really be a huge distraction. With social media, texting, and games, just a touch away, it’s simple to
fall into a trap. Luckily, there are several […]

Highly Useful Business Gadgets (Part II)

Jabra Evolve 75e Bluetooth earphones
A noise-cancelling, stylish addition for when you want some quiet in your cubicle.
Comfortable fit
Patchy Bluetooth […]

Highly Useful Business Gadgets (Part I)

Laptops have passed desktop PCs as the desired working machines for most companies. It doesn’t matter the size. It is simple to see why it is true.
The price, […]

Tools to Increase Productivity (Part II)

Regardless how good you are at evading procrastination, you’re likely to come across irresistible articles somewhere on the web while you’re working. But […]

Tools to Increase Productivity (Part I)

Today’s businesses are pushed by collaboration and productivity. But how do you get both in a way that benefits everyone on your team? How do you sidestep the inevitable […]

What is the Best Type of Business for Your Start-Up

You’ve decided to start a business. Now you’re asking yourself, “What is the best business to start?”
Retail or Wholesale Type of Business?
Where do you want to be on […]